Meerut: The man who was reportedly assaulted by Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) a few days ago, has alleged that he gets frequent calls from the accused and their relatives where they threaten him to come to his college and kill him. “I don’t want to return to college because I am scared and embarrassed. I get frequent threat calls from the accused and their relatives… they say they will come to my college and kill me,” NDTV quoted the man as saying. He added that the police have not even called him to record his statement yet and that he has no expectations of protection from them.

Almost a week ago, a video went viral on social media where Meerut police officials were seen abusing and slapping a girl for choosing a Muslim partner. In the video, a female constable could be seen slapping the girl multiple times, while a male police officer was seen hurling abuses at the victim. “Mulla zada pasand aaraha,” the male officer was reported as saying in the video. Meanwhile, the lady cop was physically assaulting the girl while the male cop was abusing her. Later, a few men from Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) had barged into the rented flat of the woman’s Muslim friend, dragged him out and accused them of being in a relationship despite belonging to two different communities.

Meanwhile, the three cops seen in the video have been transferred to Gorakhpur. Although, no arrests have been made of other 15 attackers.

On September 28, the female victim in the same case alleged that the Uttar Pradesh cops had asked her to file a rape complaint against her Muslim friend. Even her parents were suggested the same, she said. She further said that her parents initially believed whatever they heard but later put their faith on her.

The male victim also alleged he was of “love jihad” and was repeatedly hit in his private parts. “The main attacker, a man called Manish Lohia, even threatened to shoot me. Those people beat me until blood began dripping from my eyes and nose, but they did not care. They kept hitting me in my private parts, and I feared that I will not survive. My eyes have been bleeding continuously since that day, and I have difficulty breathing,” the victim told NDTV.