Aurangabad, November 9: On Tuesday night in a surprise announcement, Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his fight against corruption took a brave move and informed that Rs 500 and Rs 1000 bank notes would be scrapped from midnight. Soon after the announcement people across India were cashless, with most of the ATMs failed to dispense Rs 100 notes which is still valid across India. Though it is quite a known fact that this idea would not have been implemented by Narendra Modi overnight and someone else thought of this before him. Anil Bokil, an Aurangabad-based architect, and chartered accountant gave this idea of scrapping Rs 500 and Rs 1000 bank notes long back.Also Read - Stop Flights From Regions Witnessing New Omicron Variant: Kejriwal Urges PM Modi

Earlier this year Anil Bokil met Narendra Modi in his office to discuss ideas of how to fight with the black money menace. Anil Bokil was given only eight minutes to talk to Narendra Modi, but he ended up discussing his plans with Prime Minister for over two hours. During the meeting, Anil Bokil also suggested Narendra Modi that scrapping of high-denomination notes will solve the problem of black money. Also Read - Planning Lockdown, Urging Flight Ban And Scaling up Testing: How Are Indian States Preparing to Combat Omicron 

Since today morning Anil Bokil’s video has been doping the rounds in which he said, “Unaccounted hidden huge cash is skyrocketing the prices of real estate, land, homes, jewelry etc and hard earned money is losing its value; this needs to stop immediately. Anil Bokil who runs ‘Arthakranti Sansthan’ an NGO said that such a move will end the circulation of ‘fake’ currency. Also Read - #UPSCExtraAttempt: Why Are Civil Service Aspirants Demanding Another Chance?

Anil Bokil also proposed withdrawal of the existing taxation system and replacing it with a single-point transaction tax, to be deducted. In last few days the ArthaKranti team has been meeting several politicians and economists for a while now and it seems they have succeeded with their plans.