New Delhi: A day after the arrest of Upender Shukla, a private tutor who killed his wife along with three children, the police on Sunday discovered that he planned the murder for a week.

Shukla, 42, faced murder charges on Saturday for killing his family – wife, seven-year-old daughter, five-year-old son, and 40-day-old daughter. The police found that the murder weapon used was a butcher knife which was bought from the market on Tuesday.

The accused confessed to the Joint Commissioner of Police that he had planned and bought sleeping pills and two litres of milk a few hours before the crime was committed. He made his wife and children consume the milk. As they slept, he latched the door to their room and slit their throats. After killing them, he spent hours writing his confession.

When the neighbours broke into his apartment, Shukla was found sitting on the couch, impassive and uncaring about the blood oozing from the slit on his wrist. He had also written a note confessing to the crimes.

The murders have shocked the neighbourhood which is not far from the Qutub Minar Metro Station. People are not ready to believe that Upendra, a “quiet man”, could do something so drastic.

The neighbours said Upendra did not have a fighting nature nor was he a trouble-maker. They said the family was also financially stable as he made his living by giving private tuitions.