Kolkata: The metro railway services in Kolkata were partially disrupted on Monday after sparks and smoke were detected in the Dum Dum-bound upline between Maidan and Rabindra Sadan stations, stated a report.

Metro railway sources stated that part of the Rabindra Sadan station was covered in smoke as an upline service train entered the station, according to news agency IANS. Taking stock of the situation, the train was immediately halted. As soon as news of the incident was reported, fire brigade and metro railway engineers rushed to the site.

Speaking to news agency IANS, railway sources said, “As a safety measure, we decided to halt services between Central and Tollygunge (Mahanayak Uttam Kumar) stations. Truncated services are now been run between Central and Dum Dum as also between Tollygunge and New Garia stations.”

It must be noted that a spark was detected on the upline between Maidan and Rabindra Sadan station at around 12:30 PM on Monday. Thereafter, the power supply to the stations between Maidan and Rabindra Sadan was cut off. Meanwhile, the disruption in train service caused inconvenience to thousands of passengers across the various metro stations in the city.

After halting the Dum Dum-bound train as a precautionary safety measure, the rail engineers switched off the power supply between Maidan and Rabindra Sadan stations to fix the issue, a Metro railway spokesperson told news agency IANS on Sunday.