New Delhi, December 17: Consumer electronics firm Micromax Informatics is all set to lead the way to give a boost to the ‘Make in India’ campaign launched by the Narendra Modi lead BJP government. Micromax’s co-founder announced on Thursday, that it is in the process of shifting manufacturing from China to India. It said that the process will be complete in 2018 and Micromax will begin rolling out ‘Made in India’ cellphones till then. The move comes, even as manufacturing costs become cheaper back home, as compared to China.Also Read - From TV to Mobile Phones, Locals in Bhopal Villages Get Rewards For Ensuring Cleanliness at Their Homes & Surroundings

Rahul Sharma said that, while currently less than two thirds of its products were assembled in India, Micromax is shifting to a full home production, as it made more sense now, given the rising Chinese labour costs. India also has a growing network  of local suppliers of components. Sharma told Reuters in an interview, “In the next 24 months 100 percent will be here. There was no ecosystem in India. Slowly, slowly we are attracting one.” He added, “In terms of manpower, India is far cheaper (than China).” Also Read: Micromax launches new-age flagship smartphone YUTOPIA Also Read - Man Waits For 6 Months After Swallowing Phone, Undergoes Surgery After Experiencing Pain

Micromax had announced earlier this month that it will invest $45 million on constructing factories and manufacturing industries in India, to assemble phones here and reduce their dependence on Chinese imports. Micromax, which entered the Indian market in 2008, has made a place for itself, by manufacturing low cost mobile phones. It has now emerged as the producer of the second highest selling smartphone in India, behind Samsung. India has the third largest mobile phone market in the world. Also Read - Incredible Luck! Man Escapes Death After His Hulk Phone Case Stops Bullet Fired at Him