New Delhi, Nov 17: The Rural Development Ministry has finalised 21 parameters to measure the status of gram panchayats. As per these measures, set up under Mission Antodaya, a gram panchayat’s prospects will be rated positively on the poverty index if maximum number of households there, have a minimum of Rs 10,000 in their savings account.

Also, the chances of a gram panchayat to be on a positive side on the poverty scale would be more if it has a higher number of families with ‘back loans for diversified livelihood’.

Under Mission Antodaya, the government aims to create 50,000 poverty-free panchayats.

Earlier, the minimum balance in a savings bank account to measure ‘economic developement’ was considered to be Rs 20,000 but, now it has been reduced to Rs 10,000.

Prevalence of malnutrition among children up to three years will play a major role in measuring the progress of a village. Similarly, percentage of children with full immunisation and number of girls completing secondary education and skilling courses will also provide a base to scale a village’s progress, a report in The Times of India said.

Mission Antodaya will bunch 5,000 gram panchayats together into a cluster to carry out development work. A total of 50,000 gram panchayats will be measured on the basis of ‘all weather roads’ and ‘internet connectivity’. Above it, the chance of a village to gain better score is more if it is ‘open defecation free’ with ‘community waste disposal system’.

Another parameter to determine the health of a gram panchayat will be the number of families living in ‘safe houses’.