New Delhi: Soon after Prime Minister Narendra Modi finished his speech to the Motion of Thanks on the President’s Address in Lok Sabha, Trinamool Congress (TMC) MP Mahua Moitra on Thursday said PM Modi’s speech was a mix of fairy tale and mediocrity. She also went on to say that there was only qualitative grandstanding in the speech as there were no numbers in the budget.

“It was a mix of fairy tale and mediocrity. There are no numbers in the budget or in his speech, there is only qualitative grandstanding,” Mahua Moitra said.

The remark from the TMC came after PM Modi said that his government has kept the fiscal deficit and price rise under check. In the Lok Sabha, PM Modi also said that his government is also keeping in view the investors’ confidence to strengthen the country’s economy.

“We have kept the fiscal deficit in check. Price rise is also under check and there is macro-economic stability. Investor confidence should increase, the country’s economy should be strengthened, for this, we have also taken several steps,” PM Modi said.

Talking about efforts to enhance the economy and development, PM Modi said that his government is working on labour reforms to drive India’s progress in infrastructure.

“We are working on labour reforms and that too after consulting the labour unions, among the things that will drive India’s progress in next-generation infrastructure. In the earlier days, infrastructure creation brought ‘economic opportunities’ for a select few. Not anymore. We have made this sector transparent and are working to boost connectivity,” he added.

He further added that the country has taken many developmental initiatives in industries, irrigation, social infrastructure, rural infrastructure, ports, and waterways.

“In the coming days, we will move ahead with infrastructure projects worth Rs 100 lakh crore. The development of infrastructure will give impetus to the economy and boost employment,” PM Modi added.