Panaji: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) legislator from Goa Francis D’Souza who was left out from Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar’s cabinet said he would resign from the party’s core committee as this was a matter of ‘self-respect’ for him. He added, “Maybe they felt that I overstayed in their party. Usually, any guest should not overstay. I have been there for too long in the BJP.”

D’Souza who was heading the urban development department in the cabinet claimed that state BJP did not inform him before taking such a decision. He added, “I will resign from the Goa BJP unit’s core committee once I am back on October 15. I don’t want anything from the party in the future. Even if offered, I will not take up any government position. I am fighting for my self-respect. If you can’t respect that, then I don’t want anything from you. It’s all over.”

D’Souza went on to say that he had joined the party on Parrikar’s request and alleged that few leaders in the BJP were trying to get him removed from the party since 2012. He further said he would not advise his son, who is aiming for a political career in Mapusa, to join the party.

However, D’Souza made it clear that he wouldn’t step down as the Mapusa constituency’s legislator. He said, “I have been elected by my voters for five years, so there is no question of resigning as a legislator. If I resign, I would be disrespecting my voters.” Speaking of the incident, D’Souza wondered if this was the “reward given to him by the party for his 20-year-long loyalty.”

The Mapusa constituency legislator also rubbished reports which stated that the decision was taken by the party high command and said that “nobody can interfere in the chief minister’s right. There is no role of the party high command in my dismissal from the cabinet.”

D’Souza, one of the senior most ministers in the cabinet, was a contender for the chief minister’s post in 2014 when Parrikar was elevated as the defence minister in the central government. D’Souza is currently undergoing treatment at a hospital in the US.