Mumbai, Apr 30: Maharashtra Navnirman Sena, a right-wing Marathi regional party’s chief Raj Thackeray will make his debut on Twitter, a microblogging platform on Tuesday i.e. May 1. He has chosen Maharashtra Day, celebrated on May 1, to join Twitter. MNS President Raj Thackeray has a verified Twitter account. Although he hasn’t posted any tweets so far, the number of followers on his Twitter account is continuously growing.

Thackeray told a newspaper that he would be now raising his voice through Twitter as well. He is actively engaged on Facebook and enjoys good following there as well.

Maharashtra Day or Diwas is celebrated every year on the 1st of May. This day is significant for Maharashtra as according to the history it was this day in 1960 that Maharashtra gained its statehood. Internationally this day is celebrated as International Labour Day or Workers’ Day, in Maharashtra, it’s all about commemorating the state and how it has come about to be the modern state. This foundation day calls for special celebrations and festivities. On this day Maharashtrians recognize the importance of the state and it is an important part of their culture. As per the tradition families, friends, colleagues all celebrate by wishing each other and send messages on WhatsApp messages, quotes, with Facebook status updates, GIF images and SMS’s and preferably in the Marathi language.