New Delhi: The 3rd Battalion of Delhi Armed Police revealed that they have recovered banned articles such as cash, blades, knives, mobile phones, and narcotic substances last year from prisoners of Tihar jail. The Battalion cops are deployed to escort under-trial prisoners and convicts to and from the prison. Also Read - COVID-19 in Tihar Jail: Director General of Prisons Tests Positive

As per the 2018 data, the 3rd Battalion has escorted a total of 2,97,420 prisoners from various categories to produce them in the courts. Moreover, 655 under-trial prisoners were taken into police custody before the parole hearings, stated a report. Also Read - In Viral Video, Tihar Prisoner Claims Officials Smuggled Him Phones, Staff Refutes Allegations

According to a report by Times of India, the Delhi Armed Police on Saturday revealed that they had recovered cash to the tune of Rs 76,810 from prisoners during the security checks alone. Police have recovered nearly 100 mobile phones and watches and over 1,000 pouches of tobacco products from the jail-mates of Tihar during the security checking. These items were allegedly hidden in the prisoners’ body cavities and clothing. Apart from this, the prisoners were found to possess sharp metal strips that are capable of injuring other inmates or jail officials. Also Read - Freed After Eight Months from Tihar Jail, Man Trapped in the City Due to Lockdown

The security checks are done after the prisoners are taken into custody on the night before the day scheduled for going to the courts in and outside Delhi and to and from hospitals. Before leaving the prison, a round of checking will be done. Then a round of frisking will take place while entering the prison.

A third battalion cop reportedly pointed out at the shortage of manpower in the jail. He claimed that the prisoners smuggle in contraband easily as the court corridors are often crowded. Prisoners who are taken to hospitals were reported to have brought back items stolen at the hospital including surgical blades.

In the year 2017, the Delhi police had allegedly recovered Rs 61,510 cash, a metal strip, and 700 pouches of tobacco products from the Tihar prisoners, stated a report.