New Delhi: In what turn out to be a game changer ahead of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, the Union cabinet may hold discussion on implementing the Universal Basic Income (UBI) scheme. It has been reported that the Narendra Modi government is likely to announce the scheme in the upcoming budget, according to Zee News sources.

Sources said that the prime minister may discuss on the scheme’s model and ways of implementing it for farmers in some states. He is also expected to ask the Agriculture Ministry to present a route plan on the UBI scheme.

According to reports, the Centre has been considering the UBI scheme for the last two years. The programme is likely to ensure an amount which would cover the monthly basic needs of an individual.

The economic survey suggested that there was a more efficient way to help the poor and that would be to provide them the resources directly, through a UBI. It is based on a survey on misallocation of resources for the six largest central-sector and centrally sponsored sub-schemes (except PDS and fertilizer subsidy) across districts.

Union Minister Ramdas Athawale’s recent statement that that people will get Rs 15 lakh each in their bank accounts “slowly” is also seen by several economic experts in context with the proposed UBI scheme.

Talking about Narendra Modi’s poll promise in 2014 on black money stashed abroad, Athawale said that people will certainly get Rs 15 lakh albeit “slowly” and that RBI was not giving the money despite being told.