New Delhi: Hitting out at the Modi government over rising fuel prices, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Monday accused it of emptying the pockets of the common man and filling the pockets of its friends for free.Also Read - Viral Video: When Rahul Gandhi Hugged a Super-Excited College Girl During His Puducherry Visit | Watch

The Congress has accused the Centre of looting people by imposing high taxes on petrol and diesel and has demanded its rollback to provide relief to the common man from the onslaught of rising prices. Also Read - 'I Don't Have Anger or Hatred Towards Anybody. I forgive': Rahul Gandhi on Assassination of Rajiv Gandhi

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“When you see the fast moving meter while filling fuel in your car at the petrol pump, do remember that the crude oil rates have not risen but fallen,” he said in a tweet in Hindi.

“Petrol is at Rs 100 a litre. The Modi government is doing the great work of emptying your pockets and filling the pockets of its friends,” the Congress leader tweeted.

Gandhi also used the hashtag “FuelLootByBJP” in his tweet.