New Delhi, September 25: The Director General of the government’s mouthpiece agency- Press Information Bureau- on Friday came to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s rescue, saying that the news about the PM signing the tricolour flag is ‘false and mischievous’. He said that what the PM signed on, was not the tricolour at all, but rather a memento, made by a made by a differently abled child. Noronha said that is why the PM had to oblige, when he was asked to sign it.

Noronha’s defence came after the issue became a topic of debate on social media on Friday. #ModiDisrespectsTricolor became one of the top trending hashtags on Twitter. Noronha said that what Modi signed wasn’t our Tricolour since it did not have the Ashoka Chakra and the White Band. Noronha further said that the news about the memento being confiscated was also false and that no such action had been taken. Also Read: Vikas Khanna gifting Narendra Modi-signed flag to Barack Obama sparks outrage



On Friday, when the news of renowned chef Vikas Khanna presenting a tricolour to US president Barack Obama, autographed by the PM hit the media, there was a huge outcry about Modi having insulted the flag. People raged on social media, about how the autograph on the tricolour was a violation of the Prevention of Insults to National Honour Act, 1971.

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