New Delhi: Refuting Rahul Gandhi’s claims, the Oxford dictionary on Thursday said in a reply to the Congress Chief said that the word ‘Modilie’ does not exist in any of their dictionaries. “We can confirm that the image showing the entry ‘Modilie’ is fake and does not exist in any of our Oxford Dictionaries,” the reply read.

Notably, Rahul Gandhi on May 16 fired a fresh salvo at Prime Minister Narendra Modi by claiming that a new word has been added to the dictionary. Taking to Twitter, Rahul had said, “There’s a new word in the English Dictionary. Attached is a snapshot of the new entry :)” The ‘snapshot’ goes on the explain the word as “to constantly Modify the truth”, “to lie incessantly and habitually” and “to lie without respite”.

The photoshopped ‘dictionary page’ also goes on to show three usages of the word.

In the fabricated page, “Modilie” is described as a “mass noun”.

Rahul has regularly attacked the PM for lying. He has been pointing out that PM Modi lied to the country five years ago when he promised to deposit Rs 15 lakh in bank accounts, generate two crore jobs every year and get farmers a fair price.

In Odisha sometime back, while campaigning, Rahul had claimed that PM Modi had told more lies than all prime ministers put together. “There have been so many prime ministers in India. But the volume of lies that this prime minister speaks is more than the combined lies spoken by all previous prime ministers,” he had reportedly said during an interaction with women in Koraput.