Mohali, October 16: Recently, many incidents of culling and cruelty towards dogs and other streets animals has come to light, which has increased pressure on the authorities to act against the culprits, thanks to the social media. However, it doesn’t seem to have gone very far in alleviating the state of these animals. In another horrific incident, three men thrashed a pregnant stray dog, stabbed it and hung it from a tree in Punjab’s Mohali. The incident was reported on October 11. The dog has reportedly tried to chase behind the hens in a farm. In response to the apparent misdeed, the men abused the dog, thrashed her and blinded her using a machete, leaving her horribly maimed.Also Read - Chandigarh University Case: Accused Army Jawan Arrested From Arunachal Pradesh, Brought To Mohali

According to a Times of India report, the three accused Makhan Singh, Harmeet Singh and Dassa caught the dog when she entered their farm. The dog was thrashed by them, then hung her from a tree. One of them then went inside to get a machete and stabbed her with it, while the other two held on to her. The incident took place at Raipur Kalyan Village in Sohana. After torturing the dog, for the apparently committing the ‘crime’ of chasing behind their hens, the three men then freed her. The case is in no small measure representative of the harsh cruelties of the lives of street animals in India, especially dogs, who are considered a nuisance by many.  Also Read - BJP Spent Over Rs 340 Crore on Poll Campaign in 5 States, Maximum Expenditure in UP: Report

Earlier this year, a medical student from Chennai had flung a weak looking dog from the roof, leading to an outrage when the horrifying video of the incident surfaced on social media. The culprit,  Gautam S, a final year student from Madha medical college, along with the person who filmed the incident, were apprehended by the police. The enjoyment with which the two committed the act was what was more horrifying than the act itself. The duo could be heard laughing in the video, before the flung the cowering dog off the roof. Fortunately though, the dog had survived the fall and was rescued by animal rights activists, who took her to a hospital, where she was treated. ALSO READ: 700 stray dogs poisoned to death by Pakistani civic officials. This is cruel! Also Read - Ahead Of Winter, Centre Asks Punjab, Haryana, UP, Delhi To Chalk Out Plans To Curb Stubble Burning

The Supreme Court had recently taken a stand on the issue of cruelty towards dogs, banning public demonstrations of culling of stray dogs, and directing the Kerala state government to take action against those who were involved in such incidents. An online campaign had also been started in against Kerala’s culling policies. Several petitions were also started to pressure the Chief Minister to stop the practice, with thousands of social media users extending their support to the petitions. The state has nonetheless, remained firm on its decision, saying that the culling of ‘dangerous stray dogs’ for undertaken to make the state more ‘tourist friendly’.

Congress lawmaker Shashi Tharoor came out in support of the state government’s arguments, urging social media users to stop the online campaign, after the state maintained that it was registering a steady growth of tourists. Senior government official, G Kamala Vardhana Rao said, “Kerala Tourism has no worries over the online campaign, claimed to be by a group of animal buffs urging boycott of the state… The government decision is to deal with rabies infected and dangerous stray dogs… We are making the state much more tourist friendly and safer for visitors.”