New Delhi: An advisory has been issued by the government against the ‘Momo’ challenge game as several cases of youngsters committing suicide were reported across the country. The ‘Momo challenge’ targets children, especially teenagers as it challenges them to commit suicide.Also Read - No Jeans or Cargo Pants: Tripura Govt's 'Dress Code' Diktat For Officials; Oppn Calls it 'Feudal'

The online game began on Facebook where members were challenged to communicate with unknown numbers. The Momo challenge had also gone viral on WhatsApp. The Ministry of Electronics and IT (MeitY) had issued the advisory and requested parents to keep an eye on their children who showed signs and symptoms. If the child is unaware of the game, parents should not talk about the Momo challenge, stated the ministry. The ministry added, ” By doing so, you increase the chance that your child will search for it on their own.”

The dares posed by the Momo challenge are suicidal and violent in nature. As per the rules of the game, the gamer must save the number of the unknown WhatsApp contact with the name ‘Momo’. The profile picture of the contact is a Japanese momo doll with bulging eyes. As the game progresses, if the gamer refuses to abide by the instructor’s rules, then a series of violent images, audios and videos would be sent to the player.

MeitY has thus urged parents to check if their child has visible marks like a deep cut in any part of the body. Other symptoms to watch out are persistent unhappiness, low mood and resentment, said the ministry. The Momo challenge is similar to last year’s killer ‘Blue Whale Challenge’.