Patna, October 28: The third phase of the Bihar Assembly Elections is under way and 50 constituencies go to polling on Thursday. Largely, the polling seems to be going peacefully in most places, except in Bakhtiarpur, which saw a monkey scare while the polling was underway. The monkey scared the voters lined up to cast their votes in Model booth number 204 in Women’s College. It also bit an elderly woman, who had been sitting nearby, waiting for her chance to cast the vote.

The monkey has been terrorising people in the area, all morning. It has bitten 15 people till now, including the elderly woman and two media reporters as well. The monkey had been known in the area for creating trouble and the authorities have tried to take him away but to no avail.  This is the reason why several voters were hesitant in approaching the booth to cast their votes. A special forest department team has been sent for to deal with the monkey menace. Also Read: Bihar elections: Polling for third phase begins, 50 seats contested across 6 districts; Complete list of candidates

ANI captured a video of the restless creature lounging about in the booth premises and suddenly attacking the woman. The elderly woman tries to shoo the creature away but it bites her on her hand and she starts bleeding. Undeterred by the efforts of the monkey to scare her away from the polling booth, the woman cast her vote anyway.