New Delhi: At a time when environmentalists and climate experts are expressing concern over global warming and its effect on water resources, here comes a wild monkey who used his intelligence to fix a leaking pipe with dry leaves. And finally, he was successful!

When educated-yet-careless human beings leave the water tap open after using it, this little monkey’s timely action can be a learning point for them.

A video showing a monkey trying hard to fix a leaking pipe with dry leaves has gone viral after Niharika Singh Panjeta, a Twitter user, posted the fourteen-second video with a meaningful caption.

“If other beings of the #wild can have such #grace, #intelligence and #sensitivity …then I really don’t know what went wrong with us #humans #whoaretherealanimals,” Niharika captioned the video. With nearly 3,000 views and around 500 likes, the video went viral soon after it was uploaded.

Here are the Twitter reactions:

In another TikTok video that surfaced online in August this year showed another monkey closing a tap after drinking water from it. The short clip was uploaded on Twitter by Dr SY Quraishi, Former Chief Election Commissioner of India, with a caption: “What a beautiful message for humans!” The video within no time gained 5,000 shares and 14,000 likes.