New Delhi: A day after Home Minister Amit Shah accused the Congress of instigating violence in Delhi in the name of anti-Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), former Union Minister Yashwant Sinha took to Twitter to slam the former. Training his guns on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Amit Shah, Sinha said that the most dangerous ‘tukde tukde’ gang in India consists of only two people, Duryodhan and Dusshashan. “They are both in the BJP,” he added.

“The most dangerous tukde tukde gang in India consists of only two people, Duryodhan and Dusshashan. They are both in BJP. Beware of them,” Yashwant Sinha said in a tweet on Friday.

Speaking at an event in Delhi, Amit Shah had earlier this week said, “When debate on the Citizenship Amendment Bill took place in Parliament, no one was ready to say anything and instead, they kept on beating around the bush. No sooner did they (Congress) come out, than they started spreading lies on the CAA, thus triggering unrest in Delhi.”

“Led by Congress, the tukde-tukde gang, is responsible for unrest in Delhi. Time has come to punish them. People of Delhi should punish them,” added the Home Minister, who is also the president of the country’s ruling BJP.

The term tukde-tukde gang is often used by BJP leaders and supporters to describe opposition leaders, students, human rights activists etc. who hold contrarian views from those of the government and criticise it for its views.

After Citizenship Amendment Bill was passed in Parliament, scores of people have taken to streets to protest against the contentious law. Protests, while largely peaceful, have often turned violent in many parts of the country, mostly in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. In Delhi, violence during anti-CAA protests has taken place outside Jamia Millia Islamia University and in areas like Seelampur, Brijpuri, Seemapuri, Daryaganj etc.