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1:30 – Clearly some people wearing orange Modi T-shirts started shouting “Rajdeep Murdabad” – He did not provoke them, they were there to provoke him.

2:05 – A person grabs his coat, to get his attention and when Rajdeep Sardesai looks back he shows Rajdeep the middle finger

3:00 – Rajdeep tries to talk to them, and have a (agree to disagree) kind of conversation as hooliganism increases.

3:30 – Rajdeep asks if the world has changed after Modi is in Power. Crowd turns into lynch mob, notice the jumping enraged people. And people answer “We will change you”

3:53 – Aap Modi se Ghabrate hain, hearing of abuses and bad language.

In the Middle, Rajdeep Sardesai tries to say this is a democracy and the right of questioning should be there. The crowd keeps abusing him and keeps shouting at him. He again tries to say “Has Modi asked them to misbehave?”. He again asks “Has America told you to misbehave?” But some of the people wearing orange get more aggressive. (Read: Rajdeep Sardesai heckled by pro-Modi fanatics: Why can’t different opinions be respected?)

End of camera time, as Rajdeep wants to end it as it is getting worse.

Rajdeep walks upto a guy who was abusing him.

What does all this tell you? If you are not with Modi, a mob will abuse you and heckle you? Is asking questions which are anti-Modi and anti-BJP government a crime. Is this freedom and liberty for India?

There is another debate which can be seen on similar lines, where when has tried to make fun of Modi visit. Here is the top comment:

“It may be a fact that you’re that plain stupid american who draws some irrational conclusion out of no fucking facts….who the hell are you to even make fun about him? you just sit in front of a camera man and brag things of which you have no fucking idea about! go home,get drunk, sleep with some hooker and feel proud about your lame job!”

The sad part is when John Oliver  tries to make fun of him the comment is not a lack of sense of humour, but lack of general knowledge. John is not an American, he is British. And if he sleeps with a hooker, is still not clear.

Senior journalist Rajdeep Sardesai got into a scuffle at Madison Square Garden with the crowd gathered to listen Narendra Modi. When Rajdeep was questioning people some people turned abusive and violent.