Udaipur, April 15: In a shocking incident, a mother hired a contract killer, a highway roadside eatery owner, Ganpat Singh Rajput for Rs. 1 lakh to murder her son in Rajasthan’s Chhoti Sardari area which is located in Pratapgarh district. The woman identified as Prem Lata Suthar, hatched a conspiracy with her son-in-law and brother-in-law and planned the murder of her son, who usually went to eat at the roadside eatery. According to Chhoti Sadri Station House Officer (SHO) Pravin Tank, the accused woman had at least 6,474 hectares of land and wanted to sell it to Mahadev Dhakad, who is also one of the accused but was restricted by her son. Since her son was becoming a nuisance, Prem Lata connived with her brother-in law to murder him. Also Read - THIS City in India to Begin Door-to-door Vaccination Drive From Monday. All You Need to Know

The victim, Mohit used to abuse and torture his mother after his father’s demise and Prem Lata who was fed up of taking the violence rebelled against this and hence hatched this plan. Mohit was also a serial drug addict and mentally unstable. Unable to bear such violence, Prem Lata went to live with her daughter and son-in-law in the district’s Bamboori village. Also Read - 5 Best Places For Weekend Getaways From Delhi Amidst The COVID-19 Pandemic

The incident took place on April 6, when Mohit went to the dhaba to eat. Ganpat, the contract killer cum dhaba owner mixed sleeping pills in his food and also served him alcohol. Mohit, then left the roadside eatery along with Ganpat’s aide Anil Nayak little knowing that he would murdered. Ganpat followed Mohit thereafter. Meanwhile, both Mohit and Nayak had another beer and it was then, when Mohit lost his senses. Both Ganpat and Nayak then strangulated Mohit to death with a cloth. Also Read - 5 Best Places For Weekend Getaways From Delhi Amidst The COVID-19 Pandemic

However, the incident came to light after CCTV footages was discovered at one of the toll plaza and Ganpat, the dhaba owner was caught. After being caught, Ganpat confessed to the crime. The police have also apprehended Mohit’s mother, the mastermind along with her mother’s brother-in-law and son-in-law. Ganpat’s aide, Anil Nayak however has been on the run and is yet to be arrested.