New Delhi: In another bizarre incident, a tractor driver of Garhmukteshwar village in Hapur district of Uttar Pradesh on Thursday was issued a challan for not wearing a helmet and not carrying his driving license.

Later, giving a clarification, traffic in-charge of the area said he sought information about the incident and got to know that it was a typographical error. “The challan will be cancelled,” he said.

This is, however, not the first time a challan has been issued for wrong reasons. In September this year, owner of a private bus in Noida had received an online challan of Rs 500 because his driver was not wearing a helmet.

Nirankar Singh, the owner of the bus said that challan was issued on September 11 and he got to know about the same when one of his employees checked it. The challan was issued under provisions of the new Motor Vehicles Act 2019.

Speaking to PTI, Singh said that such mistakes raise questions on the working of Transport Department. “My concern is that such a mistake reflects poorly on a responsible department and makes people wonder about the authenticity of other hundreds of challans being issued daily”, he stated.

Another such bizarre incident was reported in the same month of September in Bihar’s Muzaffarpur area. One auto-rickshaw driver had to pay a fine of Rs 1,000 for not wearing a seat belt while riding his auto though the auto doesn’t have any facility for a seat belt.

“The auto driver was asked to pay a minimum challan, which was, for not wearing a seat belt as he was an extremely poor man. So, he was asked to pay Rs 1,000 only. In order to impose the minimum penalty amount, he was imposed with the lowest challan amount. This was a mistake but it was done just to impose a minimum penalty on the driver,” Ajay Kumar Station House Officer (SHO), Saraiya, told ANI.

Since the time the Motor Vehicle Amendment Act 2019 has come into effect, many motorists across the country are paying heavy penalties for violating traffic rules.

In another bizarre incident, a drunk auto-rickshaw driver in Odisha’s Bhubaneswar was fined Rs 47,500 for driving without any proper permit, licence, and registration.