New Delhi: Much before the new traffic rule came into effect, driver and owner of a Nagaland-registered truck were fined a whopping Rs 6.53 lakh for seven traffic violations in Odisha’s Sambalpur district.

The fine was not imposed under the new Motor Vehicles Act 2019 as the incident happened on August 10 for flouting traffic rules. The matter came to light only on Saturday.

Driver Dillip Karta and truck owner Shailesh Shankar Lal Gupta were given the challan by Sambalpur Regional Transport Office (RTO).

Out of the total Rs 6.53 lakh penalty, the truck owner was fined Rs 6,40,500 for not paying road tax for five years — from July 21, 2014 to September 30, 2019 — under Odisha Motor Vehicles Taxation (OMVT) Act.

Apart from the road tax penalty, the RTO also fined the truck owner Rs 100 for general offence, Rs 500 for disobedience of orders/obstruction, Rs 1,000 for violating air and noise pollution, and Rs 5,000 for carrying passengers in a goods vehicle.

Apart from all this, Rs 5,000 was imposed for using the vehicle without a permit or violating permit conditions and Rs 1,000 for plying without insurance.

In a similar incident, a truck driver in Odisha’s Sambalpur district was fine a whopping Rs 86,500 for violating several traffic rules on September 3.

Soon after this incident, a truck driver was challaned Rs 2,00,500 near Mukarba Chowk in Delhi for overloading.

The Delhi incident happened just days after a truck driver from Rajasthan was challaned Rs 1.4 lakh for overloading.

Under the new traffic rules, several incidents of being heftily fined have taken place in which people have had to pay astronomical fines even for slight traffic rule violations.