Kathmandu: The death toll of those who tried to scale Mount Everest has risen to 11, stated a report. This makes 2019 the deadliest season of mountain climbing in four years. Blaming ‘over-crowding’ during Mount Everest expeditions for the deaths of some Indians in recent past, mountaineers’ organisation Akhil Maharashtra Giryarohan Mahasangh (AMGM)  on Monday demanded that the number of permits issued by the Nepal government to climbers be restricted.

AMGM president Umesh Zirpe said, “The AMGM is planning to write a letter to the Indian Embassy in Nepal, requesting it to ask Nepal tourism department to bring some restrictions on the permits issued to the Mountaineers, check the qualification of mountaineers and provide basic rescue and medical facilities at the base-camps to avoid untoward incidents during the summit.”

During the traffic jam, exhausted climbers are often forced to wait for several hours for their turn to ascend or descend on a single rope, increasing chances of breathlessness, exhaustion, frostbite or altitude sickness, added Umesh Zirpe. Climbers could also run out of oxygen during the final phase of the ascent.

According to a report, experts also suggested that the government must extend the climbing season in May to spread out the climbers and reduce the traffic jam. “To issue a permit to climb the mountain, $ 11,000 are being charged by Nepal Tourism Department, however, while issuing these permits, the department does not pay any heed to the fact that how many climbers should be allowed at one point of time,” said Zirpe who is an expedition leader of a mountaineering club.

If the situation like a traffic jam of climbers occurs, the climbers have to halt and when they halt, there is the danger of oxygen stock getting over, added the leader.

(With agency inputs)