Jaipur: Rajasthan BJP chief Madan Lal Saini made a controversial statement on Thursday claiming Mughal emperor Akbar was a molester and used to visit all-women Meena Bazar in disguise. Also Read - BJP Postpones Its Parliamentary Meet Due to Rajasthan Party President Madan Lal Saini's Demise

“The entire world knows that Akbar organised ‘Meena Bazaars’ where only women worked. Men were not permitted to visit them. But Akbar used to visit them in disguise to commit ‘dushkarm‘,” claimed Saini. Also Read - BJP Rajasthan Chief Madan Lal Saini Passes Away at Delhi AIIMS

Saini, while speaking on the sidelines of a function to mark the birth anniversary of Mewar king Maharana Pratap, said, that Akbar had to beg for his life when he tried to misbehave with Bikaner queen Kiran Devi. She put her sword on the emperor’s chest and forced him to plead for life. Also Read - BJP condemns Raj minister's priority for her caste remarks

“It is recorded on the pages of history,” he asserted.

Congress was swift to condemn Saini’s statement and accused the state BJP of creating communal disharmony.

“The entire country is proud of Maharana Pratap’s valour and people imitate his values but the BJP leader has presented a distorted history which creates enmity in society and leads to its disintegration,” said Congress vice president Archana Sharma.

“It is the Opposition’s responsibility to maintain harmony in the society,” she said, adding that BJP leader’s statement is highly condemnable.

Saini later said that when he said “dushkarm” or wrongdoing, he meant “chhed chhad”.

“Comparing Maharana Pratap with the Mughal emperor is making a mockery of the history,” said Saini.

Saini said that Maharana Pratap is great because he fought for his religion, culture and honour and never tried to grab anyone’s land and never yielded to the people who attacked the country.

In July last year, Madan Lal Saini had asserted that Mughal emperor Humayun told Babur if he wants to rule India, he must respect cows, Brahmins and women. Meanwhile, history suggests that Babur died in 1531 whereas, Humayun died in 1556.

Earlier, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had advised the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) lawmakers against making statements in the media.

“Stay away from chapaas (being written about in print) and dikhaas (being on television). If you can avoid it, then you can avoid a lot of problems,” PM Modi had told the NDA lawmakers.