New Delhi: In a fresh development, multiple drone movements were noticed at the Hussainwala sector in Punjab’s Firozpur District by Border Security Force on Monday night. Troops also fired on drones which entered from Pakistan side.

In the last month, a number of drones have reportedly entered the Indian airspace and dropped arms and ammunition.

A large number of AK-47 assault rifles and grenades were dropped in Amritsar by drones that came from Pakistan. Eight such ‘sorties’ took in September and the weapons were meant for terrorists who could use them to create trouble in Jammu and Kashmir. The drones were fitted with high-end technology and GPS. Sources said the consignment was sent by ISI to carry out a 26/11-like attack. The involvement of the Khalistan Zindabad Force has not been dismissed.

The BSF reportedly purchased a ground-based anti-drone system with a 360-degree surveillance capacity, a GPS jamming system to track the drone movements.

One of the drones recovered was made in China which gave away the clue that Pakistan state actors, probably ISI, were behind the drone sorties. The Intelligence officials, so far, been able to detect as many as eight sorties made by the drones to drop weapons. On each sortie, the drones have dropped packages weighing up to 10 kg, which could have been arms, explosives, or means of communication, like cell phones or satellite phones. Chances of sorties undetected can’t be ruled out either.

Punjab CM Amarinder Singh raised an alarm over the frequent drone sighting in Punjab in September and sought Centre’s intervention. While both Amit Shah and Rajnath Singh have reiterated that forces are ready to combat any kind of strike, the sightings of arms-dropping drones have not gone down.