New Delhi: In a bizarre incident, a Class 4 student stabbed his 30-year-old tuition teacher to death in Mumbai after an altercation between his mother and the teacher took place.

The incident happened in Shivajinagar area of Mumbai on Monday evening. The boy has been detained and the investigation is on. A case of murder under section 302 IPC CR No. 436/19 has also been registered in Shivaji police station.

According to police, the boy’s mother wanted money as loan from the teacher for household expenses, and that led to the argument after the teacher refused to grant her loan citing her financial difficulty as the reason. Infuriated with the argument, the boy grabbed a knife lying nearby and allegedly stabbed his teacher.

Identified as Aisha Aslam Husuye, the teacher suffered serious injuries in her abdomen. Soon after the incident, the teacher was taken to a nearby hospital where she was declared ‘dead’.

The teacher was taking tuition classes of primary and secondary school students at her residence in Govandi area in Mumbai.