Mumbai: A 14-month-old baby from Govandi in Maharashtra reportedly fell from the fourth floor of his house and survived the fall. Immediately after the fall, the baby was taken to Fortis Hospital in Mulund, a suburb in the north-east of Mumbai. After 25 days of hospitalisation, the baby was safely discharged from the hospital.

The baby boy survived the fall as he had landed on a tree branch before falling on the ground. When the baby was admitted to the hospital, he remained in a conscious yet critical condition. The doctors put him on a ventilator in the paediatric ICU. A report by The Times of India quoted Dr Rajan Doshi, a senior paediatric consultant, as saying, “We were able to treat the child without any surgical intervention. He has gone home stitch-free.”

The child’s father, Barkade, reportedly said the boy’s fall taught him a big lesson. Barkade then requested all parents to make their homes baby-proof.

Earlier, a Mumbai man named Aman had saved a newborn found abandoned in an auto in Bhandup. After rescuing the baby, the 26-year-old tweeted pictures of the child and said, “Found this 3 to 5 day-year-old kid in closed auto. Please help me, guys. I’ve no idea what to do?” Soon, Mumbai Police responded after seeing the tweet.