Mumbai, June 12: A 32-year-old man was arrested by the Mumbai crime branch yesterday for allegedly threatening a girl by sending her letters and making innumerable phone calls to extort Rs. 15 lakh in order to get close to her. The accused named Abhijeet Singh was none but the victim’s friend who wanted to get to close to her and hence made such calls and threatened the girl. As per the girl’s statement, she would tell her friend, the accused about the threatening letters and calls and he would help her. With his help, they were getting closer to the person involved in the crime, said the girl.

The curtain was dropped after the woman registered an FIR at the Dahisar police station last week when the frequency and the intensity of both the letters and calls increased. The girl’s friend, also the accused was gheraoed once he began taking too much off an interest in the case and repeatedly called the police seeking information on the person involved. The police then brought him into questioning and it is then he confessed to his crime saying by doing so he was trying to get close to the girl. He said that he was in love with the girl and hence would make threat calls and send such letters to get close to her. After interrogation, the police have arrested him, confirmed a police personnel.

Inspector Mahesh Nivatkar of the Unit 11 of the crime branch investigated the case and said that the girl in question was being harassed from the past six months. The accused who happened to be her friend sent threatening letters and made calls from several places saying he would throw acid on the her face or put morphed photos of her on the internet if she failed to pay the sum of Rs. 15 lakh.

Unsuspecting her friend’s doing, the girl kept on sharing these harrowing tales with the accused only. An officer said, “Singh was in love with the girl and wanted to get close to her. By sending these threats, he realized that the girl was getting scared. He felt that they were getting closer and she would tell him about these threats she was receiving.”