Mumbai: The concept of organising weddings on a cruise in India has finally kick-started, as the Captain of the country’s first cruise service ‘Angriya’ plying between Mumbai and Goa has solemnised a marriage onboard.

The couple, Prabir and Sayali Correa, got married in a Mumbai court on October 20, the day Angriya set to sail. Later, their marriage was solemnised by Captain Irwin Sequeira as per laws.

Captain Sequeira, who has more than 15 years of experience in sailing and has steered more than 60 ships in his career, told ANI that the Captain has a right to solemnise a marriage and later on submit evidence of a couple being married before the court. “Captain has right to solemnise marriage and later on give evidence in court that they are married on the sea. I feel happy that on India’s first cruise I got this chance,” he said.

Expressing happiness on being married on board the cruise liner, the bride, Sayali Correa, said: “It’s extremely unique. I am honoured to get married onboard in India’s first cruise. It was a dreamy moment for me. This was something I didn’t expect. For the very first time, I am sailing on the cruise.”

India’s first cruise service ‘Angriya’ from Mumbai to Goa was launched on October 20.

The cruise, which has six decks and 104 cabins, can ferry 399 passengers at a time. Price of the one-way ticket will range between Rs 7,000 and Rs 12,000. The cruise will run four times a week, except during monsoons.

Featuring six decks, and 104 cabins across eight categories, the Angriya is meant to ferry 399 passengers. There’s all kinds of accommodation you can pick from: rooms, bunk rooms, luxury pods, dorms and suites; a one-way ticket for which will approximately cost anywhere between Rs 7,000 (for a bed in the dorm) to Rs 11,000 (for a suite) per person. Some come with a view, some don’t, but the rooms are fairly spacious. However, if you’re booking a dorm or a pod, be prepared to share a bathroom with a Japanese toilet seat with buttons; well-known for its hygiene. The 20-year-old vessel was built in Japan, and has many lovely Japanese elements for you to check out!

The ticket will include three meals: evening snacks, dinner and breakfast. Buffet meals will be served at the two restaurants whereas six bars and a lounge will ensure there’s no dearth of space for you to let your hair down and party.

There is going to be plenty in terms of entertainment too: an infinity pool at the rear end of the ship, a well-equipped spa, express mani-pedi counters, and a cosy reading room. There will be a fun tour of the ship organised especially for the kids and amenities are being worked upon to also make the ship accessible to travellers with disabilities!