New Delhi, July 27: Mumbai Congress President and MP Ashok Chavan has said that the party will be holding a public protest on the Rafale deal issue in Mumbai in the coming week, that is, on July 30. Senior leaders of the Congress said that similar protests may be carried across the country.

Chavan reiterated Congress’ statement that both PM Modi and Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman had kept the entire nation in dark and even misled it during the recent no-confidence motion debate in the Parliament. Sitharaman, during the no-confidence motion in debate in Parliament recently said that the government could not reveal the commercial cost of the jets because of a secret clause in the Rafale agreement signed by India and France in 2008.

Chavan added, “In 2012, the Congress had agreed for a payment of Rs 526 crore for the purchase of one fighter jet. The Modi government, on the other hand, will be paying Rs 1,670 crore per jet, which is three times higher. They are giving Rs 41,000 crore more. There is corruption in the deal.”

Yesterday, several Indian Youth Congress (IYC) workers staged a protest against the Modi government over the Rafale fighter air craft deal, at Raisina Road in the national capital. The protesters were stopped from marching towards the Parliament House by police and many of the activists were detained. They were later released.