New Delhi, Mar 6: Mumbai residents was left in shock after finding a 4.4 long marsh crocodile in a drain near a construction site. The reptile was first spotted by housing complex residents who   then called Resqink Association for Wildlife Welfare (RAWW).

A 15-member team of forest officials and animal rescue groups were pressed into service to capture the reptile. It took them seven hours to rescue it. The crocodile weight around 8.8 kgs. The rescue team had to struggle hard to locate its position. The water level in drain was brought down so that it can be pulled out easily. The rescue operation was started on Sunday and ended on Monday.

However, forest officials were surprised to find that the reptile was so close to human habitat and water. They said that it could have entered the drain from the forest area as it is very close or there are chances that it could have been living in some of these drains for quite some time.

After the crocodile was rescued, it was examined by the forest department and was declared to be fit for release in the forest. The crocodile was later released in the forest. This is not for the first time crocodile have been spotted in Mumbai residential areas.

Crocodiles do not pass the chance of an easy victim like pets and people walking closely aside the waters. Limbs hanging outside the boat or an unaware swimmer will almost certainly encounter the crocodile. Like all animals, if it is wounded it will become very aggressive and defensive. They are not easy to wound as their back is protected by scales and they are well equipped to defend themselves. Like all animals, a female crocodile will stop at nothing to defend her nest.