Mumbai: The father of a 1.5-year-old boy who fell into a gutter in Ambedkar Nagar area of Goregaon on July 10, on Friday said that he was in the police lockup. He also alleged that all those who were helping him, including his friend, were also picked up by the cops.

Suraj Singh, the father, said, “When the Mayor had come, I was in the lockup where police had thrown me. They are picking up all those helping me.”

Singh also said that his child would have been with now, had there not been for the negligence. “Had there not been negligence, my child could’ve been with me by now. I haven’t received any response. My friend who was helping me was picked up by police,” he said.

Notably, the boy fell into the gutter on July 10. The CCTV footage of the unfortunate incident revealed the kid, Divyanshu, walking on a street at night when he eventually fell into the uncovered sewage gutter.

Three days into the incident, efforts are still on to rescue him.

The incident came to light after the onset of monsoon in Maharashtra. As the intense spell of rains lashed the city, many lives were lost with BMC facing criticism for its lack of preparedness before the monsoon.