Mumbai, July 31: After the implementation of liquor ban on highways, the number of drink driving cases in the period of April 1 to June 30 went down to 40 per cent compared to the same period, last year. It can be said that due to the strict rule of liquor ban on the highways, people have become extra cautious while driving. The number of deaths and injuries on the roads after the highway liquor ban has come down to 11-14 per cent, reports TOI. Similarly, minor accidents, where people have escaped injuries dropped by 21 per cent during April-June. Also Read - Petrol Prices Touch Record High in Delhi & Mumbai | Check Prices Here

Amitesh Kumar, joint commissioner of police (traffic) told TOI that at this stage, it is premature to judge the long term impact of the highway liquor ban, although there is a decline in accidents and this encourages the trend. Kumar also said that the reduction in the drinking driving cases was caused by positive intervention by the police and cooperation from drivers who decided not to drink while driving on the roads. “The police’s initiatives, such as the setting up of alco-booths at hotels to help people measure their blood alcohol levels before driving, are helping a lot,” said Kumar. Also Read - Brain Dead UP Woman Gives New Lease of Life to 5 People by Donating Her Organs

The analysation of road accidents and drink driving data was done by a senior state police officer. About the figures, he said that the drop in accidents, deaths and injuries cannot be fully attributed to the liquor ban. He said, “A closer reading of the data suggests that a substantial number of cases showing decline are from Maharashtra’s cities and towns that have a lower proportion of state and national highways. The proportions of drink-driving cases and accidents under the influence of liquor were even otherwise lower on highways compared to ordinary roads”. Also Read - Mumbai: TV Actress Accuses Pilot of Rape on Pretext of Marriage, Probe Underway

The senior officer also mentioned that there are some dhabas who still serve liquor on the highways. The excise department sources said that the ban on liquor on the highways will get stricter. If needed, there will be raids done on those who supply liquor legally so that the number of drink driving cases and accidents on the roads due to this falls down more.