New Delhi: A ‘level-3’ fire broke out at Aaditya Arcade building near Dreamland Cinema of Charni road in Mumbai on Sunday, stated news agency ANI. Fire tenders rushed to the spot soon after the incident to carry out the rescue operations.

The fire brigade carried out a cooling operation at the site to douse the flames. During the rescue operation, one fire brigade personnel experienced suffocation and dehydration and was admitted to a hospital. Another personnel was admitted to a hospital after he got injured in the fire-fighting operations, stated news agency ANI.

Besides, a person stranded in the building was found unconscious and rushed to a hospital. Earlier, news agency ANI reported that all the eight people who were stranded in the building were rescued by the fire brigade.

News agency ANI tweeted some more pictures at the site of fire brigade team conducting cooling operations.

The cause of the fire is yet to be determined. A search operation is still underway at the site.