New Delhi: After air-conditioned rakes are introduced on the Trans-Harbour line, the Central railway will start free up-gradation of second-class ticket-holders to one of the three first-class compartments on non-AC rakes, reports said. This move is necessary as once the Central Railway starts one AC rake on this line, it has to withdraw one non-AC rake from the service. A non-AC rake comprises nine second-class compartments and three first-class compartments. Since those nine second-class compartments will be lost, the CR will allow free up-gradation to first-class compartments.

There are 12 suburban trains that run 264 services on the Trans-Harbour line between Thane and Vashi.

The first-class compartment which will allow free up-gradation will be proportionately divided into general and women’s sections, reports said.

If successful, a similar decision will be taken for the Main and Harbour lines after the AC rakes are introduced, reported TOI.

According to reports, Central Railway commuters can finally avail of an air-conditioned local by December end. In 2016, Suresh Prabhu who was the railway minister at that time had allotted an AC rake for the CR. But it took time as the train had to be designated to Western Railway as it exceeded the permissible height on the CR route.