Mumbai, June 23: A Gujarat-based businessman was caught red-handed while smuggling gold at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport on Thursday, faking a disability. The accused, who was on wheelchair, stunned the airport officials when he stood up and walked without any help after completion of the formalities.

Nimisha Gudhka, who is in the electronics business and also deals with office furniture besides having a couple of factories in Gujarat, had arrived from Dubai late on Wednesday. After landing at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Gudhka asked officials to provide him a wheelchair and an attendant to exit. But the airport officials were quick to understand the real story.

In fact, Nimisha Gudhka was trying to smuggle in eight gold bars gold weighing 660 gm worth Rs 19.8 lakh concealed in his trouser pockets and purse. “It was a gamble he played. His presumption was we would be lenient towards him, considering his handicap,” an official was quoted as saying. Upon questioning, Gudhka immediately confessed that he was carrying gold for his family and admitted that he was not a disabled person.

Nimisha Gudhka was allowed to go after he was booked under the Customs Act and booked for smuggling charges. Officials present at that time were shocked when Gudhka stood up from his wheelchair and walked abandoning the wheelchair and without the help of the assistant.