Mumbai: Model Megha Sharma, whose video of stripping in front of the cops went viral narrated the whole incident and her ordeal to news agency ANI. Sharma told that she wanted cigarettes and hence called the watchman to get her a few to which he refused saying that he was on duty. She then asked the watchman if he could send any of the three to four security guards to get her cigarettes to which she was refused again. Also Read - 'India is Beautiful When Flooded With Love': Mizoram CM And Netizens Laud Bihar Muslims For Kindness to Train Passengers

Sharma, then herself went downstairs to get herself cigarettes and on her way back enquired as to why could not any of the guards or watchman get her the same when they were a number of them. She then told that the guard started misbehaving and went on to call her ‘characterless’ and commented upon her attire. She added that he said, “We are not here to treat you like a princess.” Also Read - Viral Video: Internet Goes Heart-Eyed Over 91-Year-Old Grandpa Making Dalgona Coffee as Instructed by Grandchildren

It is then that she lost her temper and she slapped him. Another watchman joined the argument shortly and started hurling abuses at her. Sharma then said that she herself called the police who arrived within 10 minutes. Also Read - Viral Video: Sonam Wangchuk Urges Indians to Boycott Chinese Goods, Inspiration Behind '3 Idiots' Says 'Use Wallet Power'

Watch the video here: 

She narrated the whole incident to the police while the security guard stayed quiet and the police then asked her to come to the police station but she refused saying that since there is no lady constable available, she would go to the police station the next morning. She said that she did not feel comfortable and safe going to the police station wearing what she was wearing at 2.50 AM in the morning.

She offered her lawyer’s number and asked to be let go as she had a shoot early morning but she claimed that the cops kept insisting that she had to come with them. She tried going back inside the lift but 8-10 men surrounded her and tried to take her out of the elevator, all the while asking her to come to the police station. After much hassle, she went numb and it is then in a fit of rage, she took off her clothes. Sharma said that she feared that she could have been raped and went on to insist why a lady constable was not there at that point of time.