New Delhi, July 8: The monorail in Mumbai, covering a stretch of 8.93-km between Chembur to Wadala, came to a brief halt on Saturday, after one of the rakes came to a standstill due to power failure. The affected rake was later towed away by another monorail which was sent on the same track. No casualties were reported in the incident.

The monorail uses an elevated magnetic route. The power failure, however, did not create much outrage among people, as the monorail remains one of the lesser preferred modes of transportation in the city. The project, inaugurated in 2014, covers a relatively smaller stretch between Wadala and Chembur. Commuters travelling on the route are equipped with ample number of alternative commutation options, including BEST buses and local trains.

Here is video of the difunctional monorail rake being towed by another:

Earlier, social media went abuzz with rumours of two monorail almost crashing each other from opposite ends. However, the rumours were put to rest by the Mumbai Metropolitan Regional Development Authority (MMRDA), which clarified that the second rake was purposefully sent to tow away the affected one.