Mumbai, July 19: Rains continued to lash many places in Mumbai on Wednesday and the Indian Meteorological Department has predicted more such heavy showers in the next 24 hours. However, Wednesday morning for some people was a break from the incessant rainfall as it was only drizzling in some parts of the city. But Mumbaikars had to witness traffic snarls due to potholes and waterlogging at several places following heavy rains in the past 3-4 days.

As reported by ANI, heavy downpour in Thane region led to waterlogging at several places on Tuesday. This disrupted the traffic on the roads and many were stuck in jams for a long time. However, the trains on the Central and Harbour line were unaffected on Tuesday and Wednesday morning. The trains were running on schedule with a minor delay of a couple of minutes.

Mumbai Rains

Waterlogging in Thane

The weather department informed that these heavy showers in the city will subside only after July 20. Weather department Mumbai scientist Shubhangi Bhute told The Times of India, “There is an offshore trough from north Madhya Pradesh extending till the northern Kerala coast. There is also a low-pressure area over the Bay of Bengal adjacent to Andhra Pradesh, all of which are causing heavy rain over the entire Konkan belt, including Mumbai.” (ALSO READ: Mumbai: Monday Records Highest Rainfall in July so Far; Celebs Take Local Trains to Avoid Jams)

The heavy rains didn’t even spare the celebrities. Actress Sonali Kulkarni, who was shooting at a studio in Mumbai boarded a train instead of travelling in a car to avoid the traffic jam in the city. The actress even uploaded selfies from the railway station in Mumbai.

The lakes that provide water to Mumbai have reached 66% of the usable amount of water following the heavy and incessant rainfall in the city in the past few days.