New Delhi, June 29: Bechcraft King Air C90 – the ill-fated chartered aircraft which crashed into an under-construction building in Mumbai’s Ghatkopar claiming five lives – is believed to have crashed due to mechanical failure, says a Times of India report.Also Read - CDS Gen Rawat's Chopper Crashed Due To Pilot Error In Unexpected Cloudy Weather, Court Of Inquiry Report Finds

The aircraft, which was sold by the Uttar Pradesh government to Mumbai-based U Y Aviation Pvt Ltd, was made to go on a test flight after undergoing one and a half years of extensive repair. The aircraft was on its first flight after being grounded for nine years. Also Read - Mumbai Metro Revises Operation Hours, Increases Frequency From Monday | Check Timings

The report cited sources saying that it was the first time the aircraft had taken flight after suffering severe damage in a crash in Allahabad in 2009. Also Read - Samosa Party Outside Kukreja Palace Ends on Sad Note as Mumbai Police Arrests 2-Book 38 For Violating Lockdown 4.0

The pilots – Captain PS Rajput and Captain Maria Zuberi – did not make any distress or ‘Mayday’ to the air traffic control suggesting that the plane went out of control suddenly.

The Beechcraft King Air C90 model aircraft was transported from Delhi to Mumbai by a truck, according to a NDTV report.

The report cited Anil Chauhan, accountable manager of UY Aviation, saying that the aircraft was in “the hangar of a maintenance company, Indamer, for over a year and a half, undergoing major repairs”.

Confirming that the aircraft last flew in February, 2008, the Civil Aviation Ministry said the certificate of airworthiness was yet to be granted.

“UY Aviation Pvt Ltd King Air C-90 aircraft VT-UPZ has met with an unfortunate accident at Mumbai on 28 Jun 2018. The aircraft last flew on 22 Feb 2008 when it was with UP Govt. The aircraft was later bought by M/s UY Aviation in 2014. Thereafter, the aircraft was under maintenance for last one and a half years. Today was the first test flight of the aircraft upon completion of maintenance task before applying for grant of Certificate of Airworthiness/ Airworthiness Review Certificate by DGCA,” the Civil Aviation Ministry said in a series of tweets.

Pilots Maria Zuberi, 48, and Pradeep Rajput, engineer Surabhi Brijeshkumar Gupta, 34, technician Manish Tejpal Pande, 21 and pedestrian Govind Pandit were killed in the crash.

Deceased co-pilot Maria’s husband has alleged that his wife was forced to fly the aircraft in spite of bad weather conditions. “The incident could have been averted.

Maria had told me that the flight won’t be flown due to bad weather. The aviation company is responsible for this unfortunate incident,” said P Kuthariya, husband of Captain Maria.