Mumbai, Jun 27: A man was penalised for using his private vehicle to give lift to people stranded in Mumbai rains. Sharing his ordeal on social networking website Facebook, he asserted that he feels pathetic about the incident. His post went viral on the social media within no time, drawing a huge debate.

Nitin Nair (32), an IT professional, offered lift to an elderly man and two others, marooned in the heavy showers, who were travelling in the same route. However, a traffic police confiscated his license for using private vehicles for transportation without the required permission. Nair had to go to court to “accept” his mistake and pay a fine of Rs 1500 to get his license back.

Feeling pathetic, Nair in his Facebook post said, “The moment they got in and I started the car, one traffic police officer in a towing vehicle waylaid me and asked me to show him my license.” After obtaining the license from Nair the cop said, “It is illegal to give a lift to unknown people”. He reportedly told that the cop not to involve the passengers in the case.

Baffled by the law, Nair reportedly said, “My only intention of writing that post was to make car owners aware of this law… As I’m sure most of them like me are unaware of such a law.” Nair is charged under Section 66(1) read with 192(a) of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, which prohibits the use of a private vehicle for commercial purpose. Nair also highlights the fact that some apps openly promote their business by giving lift to passengers in a private vehicle for a charge. He added, “I probably might not give lift to strangers in future but will definitely help an accident victim or in emergency situation like heavy rains.”

In recent days, Mumbai and its adjoining areas have received heavy rainfall due to which the rail and road traffic has suffered a major setback.