Mumbai, March 26: Mumbai reeled under intense heat wave after the city recorded a maximum temperature of 41 degrees Celsius, which was 8.2 degree Celsius above normal on March 25, Sunday, thereby making it the second hottest day in the past decade. Santacruz recorded the highest temperature followed by Colaba, which hit 38 degree Celsius. Mumbaikars who were scorched on Sunday are unlikely to get relief on Monday as well since the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) officials have forecast similar weather conditions for today.Also Read - Mumbai International Airport Hosts a 45-Day 'Summer Carnival' For All Passengers

Santacruz recorded only 33.2 degree Celsius on Saturday as compared to 41 degree Celsius, which was recorded on Sunday. Incidentally, at only one other instance in the last ten years, the city had recorded a temperature of 41.3 degree Celsius in 2011. As per an IMD official, the prevalence of strong easterly winds from the land region is leading to the an increase in temperatures and similar conditions are expected to remain for the next 24 hours over the region. Delayed setting of sea breeze is also leading to the rise in temperature, he said. Also Read - Top 7 Most Beautiful Train Routes In India

Such has been the wrath of heat that residents have been nearly facing a testing time in the last 24 hours. Nilesh Vora, a  resident of Borivali, as quoted by DNA, said he ended up with a severe heat stroke. Vora recalled that he started having severe headache and experienced dehydration after he returned home at around 3 pm yesterday. He even had to visit a doctor. Also Read - IRCTC Latest Update: Indian Railways To Run 12 Additional Summer Special Superfast Trains Between Mumbai, Gorakhpur

Meanwhile, ‘Vagaries of the Weather’, a weather blogging site gave weather updates to people of Maharashtra by listing the temperatures of several other areas adjoining Mumbai- like Thane recorded 43.1 degree Celsius, Karjat hit 43.4 degree Celsius and Wada recorded 43.9 degree Celsius.  There was a sharp rise in the maximum temperatures in almost all cities on Sunday.