Mumbai, March 17: In its latest bid to curb corruption, the Mumbai traffic police force has issued a notification to all its members stating that they may no longer as to for PUC or insurance certificate papers from motorists. The two documents have long served as sources of bribery for the force.

As per te latest diktat issued by the Mumbai traffic police chief, people can now reject a policeman’s demand to see any document issued by the Regional Transport Office (RTO) including Green tax certificate, insurance papers and PUC certificate among other papers. The move comes in the wake of increasing complaints against the behaviour of traffic police constables on the road.

Taking cognisance of the issue joint commissioner of traffic police, Milind Bharambe issued a stern warning to his force and wrote, “At various instances, the motorist and the traffic police personnel get into an argument. This is affecting the image of the traffic police.”

Bharambe further instructed the cops to issue only e-challans from the e-challan machines issued to them by the force. The e-challan system was introduced to counter bribery and issuance of fake challans, among other corrupt practices that were highly prevalent. Further, a disciplinary team would be set up, that would ensure the proper implementation of the order and report the same to the assistant commissioner.

According to reports, an officer commented on the latest notification and said, “The order has been issued to further continue and effectively drill down the anti-corruption effort started by the department with the help of e-challans. While checking for these papers, the policemen’s, as well as, the motorists’ time was being wasted especially when the strength is insufficient to carry out enforcement duties.” However, this is not the first time that the traffic police personnel have been asked to not check these papers. Similar orders in the past have been blatantly ignored.