Mumbai: A major rail disaster involving a local train was on Monday morning averted after a railway motorman spotted a crack on the tracks and brought it to the immediate notice of the authority.

A man named Mukesh Kumar detected a crack on the track running between Tilak Nagar and Kurla, around 9:30 AM. Swinging into immediate action, the Central Railway rectified the broken railway line. However, local train services on the Harbour line remained disrupted for sometime.

A railway keyman’s job is to inspect train tracks, which usually involves walking a length of 8 km every day at a stretch to see whether railway tracks have any defects or not.  The Central Railway will also reward the motorman for bringing the matter to the notice of the train driver.

In an earlier incident, a train tragedy was averted by a railway employee after he discovered a fracture on the tracks on the busy Lucknow-Kanpur route. Soon after spotting the crack near the Saraiyya crossing, the man alerted the Station Master at the Gangaghat station.

Taking immediate actions, railways authorities directed trains to stop at the Gangaghat station. Though the trains were later allowed to run at slow speed, an official told IANS.