Mumbai, July 9: Two monorails came face to face in Mumbai on Saturday evening, creating panic among the people. The pictures of the incident were widely shared on the social media as some media reports claimed that the commuters had a close shave as a head-on collision between the two was prevented well in time.

It can be seen in the pictures that the two trains were going in the opposite direction but, how and why they ended up on the same track was not clear initially. However, clearing the air later, the spokesperson of the Mumbai Monorail said that while one train had stopped midway on the track due to a technical snag, the other was sent for rescuing any stranded passengers.

“Due to a power failure, a monorail stopped midway at platform in Chembur. All passengers deboarded at the platform from the rear gate. In the meantime, a rescue train also arrived on the same track to rescue passengers trapped but that was not used,” the spokesperson was quoted as saying by news agency ANI.

The Mumbai Monorail service has witnessed accidents twice in the past and that too before its launch. It 2011, two workers died after a beam weighing 60 tonnes had collapsed at a construction site on the RCF Road. In another incident, in 2012, one person was killed and six others were trapped after a slab collapsed in the Shantinagar slum area in Wadala.