Mumbai, September 5: A CCTV camera was installed in Mumbai’s St Michael’s Church in Mahim in women’s washroom that angered the women who sent a missive to the Archbishop of Bombay, Cardinal Oswald Gracias. The women asked for reasons for the installation of CCTV camera inside the washroom. In the letter to the archbishop, the Parishioners mentioned that women will stop visiting the church if the camera is not removed from the washroom.

Karen C D’Souza, vice president of Association of Concerned Catholics, questioned in the letter as to why priests of St Michael’s parish were being this “ridiculous” and what they wanted to capture. Karen questioned, “Women with their pants down or their sarees up? Are they missing out on something,” reported Mumbai Mirror. The church might shut down if women don’t visit it due to the camera being installed inside the washroom. Parish priest of St Michael’s Church, Father Simon Borges, said that the camera was installed to prevent theft as women leave their bags outside or near the basin while entering the toilet. It was fitted there to protect the ladies, he said. The church authorities, however, are ready to remove it as it made women uncomfortable. (ALSO READ: Thane Man Convicted For Calling Woman ‘Chammak Challo’)

About the theft, Karen said that if the church is worried about bathroom fittings being stolen, they should hire a security guard who’ll keep a look at it from 50 metres away from the washroom. The issue was also raised with the Archdiocese of Bombay by Advocate Joseph Sodder who stated that the CCTV camera being installed in the women’s washroom outraged the women as the footage is reviewed by men. They are planning to lodge a complaint against the church and seizure of the footage.