Mumbai: The minimum temperature of Mumbai increased by over five degrees Celsius on Sunday, said the India Meteorological Department (IMD). The Sunday temperature was considered a significant rise, especially after a prolonged spell of chillness.

As per the IMD forecast for the week, the temperature was expected to hover around 17-18 degrees Celsius at the beginning of the week. While the minimum temperature recorded on Sunday by the IMD Santa Cruz Observatory was 18.6 degrees Celsius, the minimum temperature recorded on Saturday was 13.2 degree Celsius. The maximum temperature in the city on Sunday by IMD Santa Cruz Observatory was 30.6 degrees Celsius, stated a report.

Vice president of Private weather forecasting agency Skymet Weather Mahesh Palawat tweeted on Sunday: “Cool morning and nights continue over Mumbai and adjoining areas. Cold winds from North East are responsible for low temperatures. May increase from January 30th due to change in winds direction to South East.”

KS Hosalikar, deputy director general of meteorology at the regional India Meteorological Department (IMD) was quoted by Times of India as saying, “Due to dry northerly/northwesterly winds, the minimum temperatures had dipped in the city. However, Mumbai’s minimum temperatures rose as compared to a day earlier owing to the easterly winds being witnessed in the lower level.”

Meanwhile, Mumbai witnessed the lowest drop in season this month on Friday. The minimum temperature as recorded by IMD Santacruz weather station stood at 13.4 degree Celsius while the maximum temperature stood at 27.5 degree Celsius.