Agra, Mar 1: In a condolence meeting held by Sang Privar to mourn the death of VHP worker Arun Mahaur, Muslims were equated to “demons” and “descendants of Ravana”, and warned of a “final battle”by Hindu extremists. Sang Parivar asked Hindus to destroy Muslims in order to take revenge of the death of Arun Mahaur, who was allegedly killed last week by Muslim youths. What surprising was the meeting, which was full of hatred, was attended by Ram Shankar Katheria, Union Minister of State, HRD, and BJP’s MP of Fatehpur Sikri, Babu Lal and other local leaders. Also Read - 'Pained to See Muslims Being Painted as Anti-Hindus': Chennai Muslim Businessman Donates Rs 1 Lakh For Ram Temple

According to a report of Indian Express, speakers present at Sangh Parivar meet urged Hindus to “corner Muslims and destroy the demons (rakshas)”, while declaring that “all preparations” had been made to effect “badla (revenge)” before the 13th-day death rituals for Arun Mahaur. Muslims were warned to get ready for ‘final battle’. (ALSO READ: Muslims insecure under Narendra Modi rule: Shahid Rafi) Also Read - Hindu Temple Demolished by Mob in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Visuals of Vandalism Emerge | Watch

Inciting hatred and violence, local BJP MLA Jagan Prasad Garg urged the mob to take weapons in hands and show the power of Hindus ahead of Uttar Pradesh Assembly Elections. “You will have to fire bullets, you will have to take up rifles, you will have to wield knives. Elections are approaching in 2017, begin showing your strength from now onwards,” said Garg in his address. Also Read - 'Declare India a Hindu Rashtra': Ayodhya Mahant Writes Letter to President, Threatens to End Life If 7 Demands Not Met | Read

MoS Ram Shankar Katheria allegedly indulged in hate speech and incited violence. “We have to make ourselves powerful. We have to launch a struggle. If we don’t begin a struggle, then today we have lost an Arun, tomorrow we will lose another. Doosra jane se pehle, yeh hatyare hi chale jayen is prakar ki taqat humen dikhani hogi (Before another is lost, we must show such strength that these killers themselves disappear),” said Katheria.

However Katheria later refuted saying anything against minorities. “What has been published about my speech in a newspaper is completely untrue. I have the CD, such things are untrue. I did not use the word “badla” or “hathiyaar”, just offered condolences,” claimed Katheria.