New Delhi, Feb 22: Known for speaking the first thing that comes to his mind, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) politician Vinay Katiyar has begun chanting the ‘Ram mandir’ mantra and urged voters to vote for the BJP ahead of the Fourth phase of Uttar Pradesh assembly election on February 23. According to him, the BJP needs the majority vote to realise the idea of construction of the ‘Ram Mandir’ (Temple of Hindu god Ram). While this man speaks what he speaks, it is indeed an insult to the Supreme court which earlier said mixing of religion and the election should not take place.Also Read - Uttar Pradesh Invokes Section 144 CrPC In This City Till January 5 Amid Rising Omicron Concerns

It is evident how this direction of the SC has been ignored by major political parties, primarily by the BJP, which in its manifesto placed the construction of the Ram Mandir as a priority. Quite clearly now, Katiyar’s comment ahead of the fourth phase of the assembly polls is not only an attempt to channelise the voters but also a well placed strategy to bring the issue of Ram Mandir to the forefront. Also Read - Omicron Scare: How Uttar Pradesh is Preparing to Tackle New COVID Variant | Key Points

As per Katiyar, the BJP is not able to fulfill their promise to construct the Ram Mandir because they do not have a majority in the state, but if the people voted for BJP this year, the dream will be real soon. In an interview with Aaj Tak, he said, ” The Muslim brothers should now stop their struggle against the construction of the Ram mandir as the High Court has also directed it and instead help in the construction of the temple. What can be a greater proof of brotherhood than this?” Also Read - Kashi Vishwanath Corridor Project: How PM Modi’s Dream Project Will Boost Religious Tourism | SEE PHOTOS

Uttar Pradesh is ready for the fourth phase of the assembly elections on Thursday, February 23 wherein 11 districts with 52 seats will vote. the districts of Bundelkhand, Rae Bareilly, Allahabad, Sultanpur and Fatehpur are among the 11 districts that will go for votes tomorrow.

The BJP member also talked of how the Muslims who are fighting against the construction of the Ram Mandir should give up the fight and instead join hands in the construction of the temple. He said what can be a greater evidence of ‘brotherhood’ than this act. Apart from this, he further said that it is wrong to read ‘Namaaz’ in the premise of Gyanvyapi in Kaashi. He also objected to the name of Idgah Maidan in Mathura and claimed it should be changed.

It is however funny how this man goes on to say things which can actually create communal disturbance and the BJP making no attempt to stop him. The lack of repercussions from either his party or court may have made him feel he can indeed say anything he wishes to. Moreover, what is further amusing is the fact that this man speaks of brotherhood between Hindus and Muslims and at the same time be partial towards the need of only one community.